Looking to steal away into the mountains with the love of your life and celebrate your union in a more private setting? If you’re excited to celebrate your special day in the beauty of the mountains but are hoping to keep your ceremony small and intimate? Cornerstone Weddings is pleased to offer couples elopement packages that allow you to experience the magic of the Rockies without the stress and hassle of planning a large wedding or reception. Read on to learn a few reasons to consider eloping, as well as Cornerstone’s packages, below!

Reasons to Elope

If you’re recently begun planning your wedding and have found yourself thinking that none of the “traditional” options appeal to you, an elopement could right up your alley. Perfect for those who prefer a smaller feel, or simply don’t want the hassle coordinating with a large number of guests and extended family members, elopements allow you to focus on the main reason for the big day: celebrating your love for each other. Common reasons couples opt to forgo a traditional ceremony in favour of an elopement includes:

Less Stress

Not everyone likes being the centre of attention and having the eyes of a crowd on them during their intimate moments. Elopements allow you to keep your special day centred around you and your spouse to be, without the stress of planning countless accommodations for guests and family members, along with the many other details that go into a traditional wedding.

Less Expensive

For those wishing to avoid overspending on a wedding, elopements can often be a more cost-effective option, particularly during the slower season or during the week.


As 2020 has reminded us, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. If you had initially planned for a larger wedding but have decided to scale down, elopements are a fantastic option to still have your big day, just a little smaller and more intimate than originally planned.

Elopements With Cornerstone Weddings

Cornerstone Weddings is pleased to introduce our brand new elopement packages for both the Cornerstone Theatre and the Canmore Nordic Centre. Suitable for up to 40 people, elopements are available for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. With four exciting options available, creating your dream wedding is easy with Cornerstone Weddings. Our team of experienced planners is here to help you plan the perfect day, every step of the way. Learn more about our elopement packages by contacting Cornerstone Weddings today!

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