Are wedding bells just around the corner for you? If you said “yes” this holiday season and are getting ready to plan one of the most important moments of your life together, please allow us to extend our warmest congratulations. Getting engaged is an incredibly special experience and planning your wedding is an exciting chance to celebrate your love story like never before. As one most trusted wedding hosts in the Bow Valley region, Cornerstone Weddings is proud to partner with couples to help them plan the perfect special day both at our theatre in Canmore, as well as at multiple venues throughout the area all year round.

At Cornerstone Weddings, we know that getting every detail just right can often feel stressful and that’s why our team of experts is here to help you make your big day spectacular. Even if you’re just getting started with the planning process, you’ve probably realized that choosing your venue is one of the most important details to check off your list early on. To help you feel confident when making your decision, our experts have compiled a quick list of details to keep in mind when venue hunting. Read on to find out more!

1. What Kind of Venue Fits Your Wedding?

Every venue is unique and the first step to narrowing down your choices is to determine what kind of venue is best suited to your big day. Are you planning on swapping vows outdoors underneath the shadow of majestic mountain peaks? You might LOVE a venue like the Canmore Nordic Centre or the Canmore Ranch. Hoping to create a more intimate vibe that makes sure that everyone leaves feeling like family? A more intimate space like the Cornerstone Theatre may be a better fit. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there’s no “perfect” venue. Since the space where you will share your first kiss as a newlywed couple plays such a huge role in your big day, it’s important to make sure you feel totally confident in whatever decision you make.

2. Budget

It’s easy to dream about the moon when you first start planning, especially when you get caught up on Pinterest boards and Etsy while scoping out locations. As much as you want to let your heart do the guiding, it’s important to help yourself avoid disappointment or confusion by setting a hard budget before you look at serious contenders. You might be surprised to find that doing so is actually quite freeing! It allows you to fully focus on finding all the things you love about the spaces you choose to view.

Bonus: Have you considered insurance? Life happens and unexpected delays or mishaps can be costly without specialized wedding insurance, especially for couples who may be planning more ornate ceremonies. For peace of mind, it’s worth checking out wedding insurance policies to keep you covered.

3. Guest Count

No one likes to feel left out and you certainly don’t want your loved ones standing in the back of a crowded space during your special day. Knowing how many guests are able to attend will help you focus on venues that are able to accommodate them comfortably.

4. Special Needs and Considerations

Do you need to ensure that there are accessibility options for your guests? Bearing in mind any and all special requirements is crucial when selecting a venue and should always be front of mind. As a general rule, never assume that venues have any kind of “standard” offerings. If there’s something you need, ask a vendor and always aim to have a backup plan ready just in case.

5. Packages

Finally, not every venue offers packages for couples choosing to host both their wedding and reception in the same location. Keeping the same venue is a fantastic way to ensure you’ll have lots of time to spend with your guests, reduces the stress of travelling to and from venues on a wedding day timeline and allows you to relax and enjoy your special moment. Most venues that offer packages will have them clearly listed, but always ask for further details about accommodations etc, as this will go a long way towards making your guests extra happy to share in your big day!

Ready to Say “I do”? We’re here to help!

Ready to plan your romantic Canmore wedding? Cornerstone Weddings is happy to help. With over 500 weddings and receptions in our portfolio, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring you and your guests have a day you’ll never forget. Contact us today to learn more!

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