5 Things to Know About Planning An Elopement

Are you contemplating moving away from a larger wedding for your nuptials and embracing a more intimate affair? Elopements are a fantastic way to keep your special day focused on your love.

Whether you like the idea of keeping your vows just between yourselves or are looking to involve your closest love ones, elopements are a beautiful way of reaffirming your love and commitment on your own terms. If you’re considering an elopement, below we’ll cover 5 things to know about planning an elopement in Canmore. Read on to learn more!

1. Decide if You Want Everyone to Know You’re Eloping

While elopements were once commonly associated with a couple wanting to escape and avoid anyone knowing about their nuptials in advance, these days this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons you may prefer the idea of an elopement.  While privacy and clandestine romance might be one of them, couples often simply want a more intimate celebration. Regardless of what your motivation is, deciding who you want to tell in advance will help reduce stress.  This also ensures that those you wish to share your special day with know to save the date in advance.

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2. Work With a Local Wedding Planner

One of the beautiful things about elopements is, the smaller guest list makes it much easier to steal away to a dream destination for your ceremony. If you are opting for a destination wedding of any sort, working with a local wedding planner will help reduce headaches. It also makes it much easier to connect with vendors for all of your needs. Cornerstone Weddings is pleased to offer access to our skilled wedding planners who come ready with a list of local vendors for all your big day needs!

3. Cover Your Bases

While the excitement of an elopement can make it easy to forget small details, always make sure you take the time to cover your bases for all necessary paperwork.  The important ones are marriage licenses, venue bookings, catering and your photographer

4. Choose Who You Want to Invite

As with number one, depending on your motivations behind eloping, you’ll likely have a very specific group of people you want by your side.  Whether you just want your immediate family or want a few close friends to tag along, knowing your numbers ahead of time will make things easier.

5. Don’t Feel Guilty!

It should go without saying, but ultimately your big day is just that: yours. While couples can sometimes feel guilty for straying away from the big wedding, the truth is, you deserve to have a special day that reflects who you are. Elopements are a beautiful way to celebrate your love and start out together on a journey together that will last for the rest of your life!

Elopement Packages With Cornerstone Weddings

Cornerstone Weddings is pleased to introduce our elopement packages at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Our packages are suitable for up to 40 people. With three exciting options available, creating your dream wedding is easy with Cornerstone Weddings. Our team of experienced planners is here to help you plan the perfect day, every step of the way. Learn more about our elopement packages by contacting Cornerstone Weddings today!